Complete In Christ Church

Orton Waterville Village Hall,11 Glebe Ave, Peterborough PE2 5EN

Deliverance Service


KEY WORDS: Thessalonians 2:18 wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us

Satanic attempt to hinder the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ failed when he lost after tempting Jesus Christ.
How did Jesus overcome satanic temptations that could have led to his downfall? The answer is straightforward, Jesus just concluded fasting and prayers and he is filled with the Holy Spirit.
Satan can hinder salvation of souls, answer to prayers, healings, access to God, access to deliverance,
access to the knowledge of knowing God and eternal life. If you do not find the things of God interesting then satan is hindering you for sure.
If you want to overcome satanic hindrances
then give you life to God in repentance and confess your sins to God.

Prayer Points
1. Every satanic obstacle to my life clear away now in Jesus name
2. Every satanic obstacle to my peace, clear away now in Jesus now
3. Every satanic hindrance to my prayer scatter now by the power of the Holy Ghost
4. Every satanic effort to discourage my life fail now in Jesus name
5. Let every hindrance to my answered prayers be taken away now in Jesus name
6. I revoke satanic decree assigned to hinder my destiny in Jesus name
7. Every satanic covenant working to hinder my life break now in Jesus name
8. I condemn every evil tongue making satanic prayers against my life in Jesus name
9. I remove my name from satanic register of failures in Jesus name
10. I receive anointing to overcome every satanic temptation assigned against me in Jesus name
11. Let every confusion of the mind programmed into my life scatter now in Jesus name
12. I command depression and sorrow enthrone in my heart to be dethrone by the fire of the Holy Ghost
13. Let the stronghold of confusion ruling my soul release me now in Jesus name
14. Every wicked acts targeted against me back fire now in Jesus name
15. Every night tormentor assigned against my sleep, be bound and sent to hell in Jesus name
16. I claim divine breakthrough to my miracle and healing in Jesus name
17. I reclaim every lost glory and happiness of my life in Jesus name
18. I refuse to be a loser in Jesus name
19. I declare victory over every stubborn battle of my life in Jesus
20. O Jesus redeem my soul today in Jesus name