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Salvation is by Grace

Humanity is lost to sin and now we are unable to see God. One day, I went to the a place called the Royal Mile in the City center of Edinburgh the capital of Scotland. I saw many people gather as a preacher was calling for repentance among men. One man stepped forward and identified himself as an athiest and that he does not believe in the existence of God. He told everyone that man was developed from Evolution. I saw the ignorance on the face of the man and I request to ask a question. My question was that if the theory of Evolution was true why did that happened only once. Why have we not seen another Ape developing to become humans again! The athiest could not answer the question but maintained that men came out of Ape.
One day you will face the Lord, even if you dont want to face him. That day is going to be fearful and terrible if you do not have Jesus in your life.It is important that you realised that ignorance will not be acceptable before God but God will judge you with only one thing, The BIBLE!! It is therefor in your best interest to go to your Bible and see what is written in it so that you can save your soul from eternal damnation.
What does the Bible says About Man
1. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, therefore All humanity MUST die.
2. God shows us unmerited favour and love by recociling Humanity back to Himself 3. Majority of humanity rejects God's free gifts of life and chose the path of eternal death 4. God is still calling humanity into repentance 5.Call to repentance