Complete In Christ Church

Orton Waterville Village Hall,11 Glebe Ave, Peterborough PE2 5EN

Overcoming The Pharaoh Of Your Life

Bible Reading-EXODUS CHAPTERS 2,14,& 15

Prayer Points

1. I declare war over the slave masters taken my life into captivity and proclaim divine victory over them in Jesus name
2. O Lord hear my cry and deliver me from the task master of my destiny in Jesus name
3. Let the Lord arise and deliver me from the affliction of the task masters in Jesus name
4. Slave spirit assigned to enslave me release me by fire in Jesus name
5. Let the power of the Holy Ghost appear in my life and bring my Moses to set me free from Pharaoh in Jesus name
6. My father, my father it is time to appear and release me from generational slavery in Jesus name
7. Let the pharaoh assigned to defeat my destiny be drown in the red sea of the Lord’s judgement
8. Let the power provoking death and destruction to the fruit of my body and the fruit of my labour be consumed by judgement of God in Jesus name
9. Let my fears disappeared and let my life receive boldness to be free from the hand of my pharaoh
10. O Lord awake and acts to set me free from the power of slavery
11. I receive fresh anointing to prosper and to defeat and disgrace my Pharaoh in Jesus name
12. I receive power to restore my lost glory and career in Jesus name
13. Let the Lord Arise and send my angel of favour to cause men and women to favour me
14. I silence every power of Pharaoh challenging the Lord in my Life
15. Let my life receive divine instruction from the throne of Jesus to prosper from the Lord
16. I reject every curse of slavery in my life and destiny in Jesus name
17. I claim the power to lead from this moment onward, I am the head and not the tail in Jesus name
18. I claim back my lost glory, career, marriage, finances, etc lost into the enemies for many years
19. I shall never see the Egyptians again in the name of Jesus
20. Let the mercy and covenant of the Lord stands upon my life in Jesus name